Business Awards Myths and Misconceptions: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know
May 12, 2022
business awards
Business awards play a tremendous role in the success of people in business, from executives, professionals, and those climbing the corporate ladder to entrepreneurs and business owners. But there are many myths and misconceptions around writing and submitting winning award submissions.

Business awards benefit you in numerous ways; indeed, there is a huge return on investment to business awards. Often, what is holding people back from getting a business award, or two or five, is not ineligibility, and it is certainly not a lack of interest.

Usually, It is a lack of knowledge. Sometimes just a lack of understanding as to what business award might be right for you.

1001 Pages is dedicated to helping you write the application necessary to get you access to the best business awards Canada has to offer. Particularly for women, members of visible minorities and diversity, the world is finally waking up to your contributions in business, and it is critical that we get you the recognition for all the work you have done – recognition that will open even more doors for your business’s future.

There are so many misconceptions and myths around business awards that it is high time we took them all down, one at a time.


Myths and Misconceptions about Business Awards

business awards myths and misconceptions

The Once a Year Myth

One of the most common myths is that business awards only happen at one time of the year. It makes sense; we follow Hollywood’s Awards Season, so we figure everything must run on that timeline.

It doesn’t!

Award ceremonies are held all year round for business, and you can apply for many different awards many times throughout the year.

The trick is to know which awards are right for you, and when each award application deadline is.


The Time Is Relative Myth

Conversely, perhaps you know that awards are held all year, so you figure what’s the big deal? You’ll just wait around until you’re ready, and when you finally have time, apply then.


While awards are held all year round, you want to capitalize on your strengths and showcase them as quickly as possible. Perhaps the year you are shrugging off is the year in which you have had the most accomplishments. The time is ripe right now, and you want to make sure you apply and hit the deadline in the year during which you have accomplished so much.


The Someone Else Should Do It Myth

Then there’s your inner critic. “Who am I to apply for an award – shouldn’t someone else nominate me?”

Yes, we’ve heard that one many times. And no, someone else does not have to nominate you for an award. In fact, most people do indeed apply themselves. How are you going to get recognition for what you’ve done if you don’t do a little of your own horn tooting?

It has been far too long, especially for women, members of visible minorities and diversity, to finally get awarded for so many outstanding and spectacular achievements in business. You should apply not only because you deserve recognition but also because when you do get the award, you stand as an example of what others can do as well.


The No Chance Myth

Everyone has that moment of self-doubt. You think you’ve got no chance – that others have done so much more than you.

This is called impostor syndrome, and it is particularly insidious among women. We often think that what we do isn’t that exceptional, or we want to remain humble about our achievements so as not to inconvenience or embarrass the people who work with us.

But do you know what gets most people recognized? Confidence in yourself.

It’s true.

Stand tall on your achievements, pat yourself on the back, and showcase your talents. Remember, you are often leading the way for so many lined up in fear behind you.

If not you, then who?


The It’s Not Worth It Myth

applying for a reward has tremendous return on investment
What’s it all for, you wonder? Why should you stand up and receive an award for the hard work and innovation you would be doing anyway? It’s just not even worth it for a few moments of recognition, right?


There is a tremendous return on investment to applying for an award.

It can earn you funding for a project; it can open a door for advancement; it can earn brand recognition for your business, which can lead to increased revenue.

Not to mention that it can inspire countless others behind you to do the same.

So you are not only serving yourself in tremendous professional and financial ways, but you are also serving others.

A true win/win. It is definitely worth it.


The Solitude Myth

You remember what it was like to apply for college, what it was like to apply for your current job, what it was like to apply for pretty much anything, right?

It feels lonely and isolating.

But when it comes to business awards, that’s just another myth.

You are not alone. There are several services like 1001 Pages that have expert-level writing and application skills as well as years of experience to lend to your application process. We got into this work to serve those like you who are inexperienced and a little afraid of what can feel like an overwhelming and exhausting process.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

We can help you research which award is best for you, help you decide among the awards, and walk you through the entire process. You are not alone!


The Expense Myth

“Sure, but it will cost me more money than I can afford to spend.” You respond.

Also not true!

In the end, you actually end up saving both time and money with hired services like 1001 Pages because you don’t waste money applying for awards that aren’t right for you, and you don’t spend a bunch of time spinning in circles over the application process.

It is, after all, a time-sensitive process, and you get better results when you hire an expert.


The Scarcity Myth

Most people who even know about business awards don’t understand how many business awards are out there in the awards world.

Pretty much anyone who is successful in business, and if you’re still reading this, we think you are probably one of them, can win a business award.

Awards range from a commitment to diversity and inclusion in business to outstanding achievements and beyond. Some are attached to funding, and others carry wide recognition.

It is up to you, and your hired expert, to figure out which one, or several, are right for you, and you can go, and grow, from there.


Get in touch to begin your awards journey

begin your awards journey
Now that we’ve busted all the myths and misconceptions around business awards, it’s time for you to get started applying.

Remember, you are not alone, and you are certainly deserving of your own award. If you are a woman, a member of a visible minority or diversity, do not wait any longer. Your time is now to get the recognition you deserve, and to show others that it is possible to shine!

Book a call today with us to get started on your journey toward winning your next business award.

We are here for you!

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